About RTI Manufacturing Group Ltd

The international family business

RTI was established in 2002 as a family business, focussed on the supply of V-belts to small farmers. As the reputation for high quality and good service spread, the business grew into international markets and into new industries. Core to this growth has been the emphasis on understanding the markets and meeting customer needs. The company now has offices in Central Asia, Europe and China, covering some of the key markets in the world. Throughout this expansion RTI has retained the family values and entrepreneurial spirit of the initial founding family. This ensures that we are powering your business.


Quality Control: Passionate about quality

At RTI, we are passionate about quality. It was clear from the very first days of trading that all our customers, in every market required products that were manufactured to the highest quality.

  • We ensure quality is designed into our products
  • We select only the best raw materials
  • We produce to the internationally recognised standards

Our production facilities have rigorous quality testing standards which require quality control checks at each stage of the production process. This continual systemised checking procedure results in products that we are proud of and that our customers can rely on.


Partnerships: Understanding our customers

We have a simple ethos: to be there when our customers need us. To achieve this we work hard to understand our customer’s commercial needs as well as equipment needs. We are proud that our passion for quality applies in our customer service too. This allows us to develop long term relationships, and helps us ensure that we have the right products at the right time and at the right price.


Customisation: Made just for you

At RTI we understand customers occasionally need parts that are in short supply or are difficult to obtain. Sometimes these are for old machines, sometimes it is for brand new equipment, and sometimes it is for foreign machines. Our sales teams and engineers work closely with customers to ensure that wherever possible, specific requests and unusual products are manufactured rapidly, accurately and to the right standard. This unique service allows us to work with customers from a wide range of industries.



We make it our business to carry a large range to products in order to support your business. Our large warehouse carries a full range of products and is replenished regularly, meaning all our customers can rely on us whenever products are needed, without the worry of long lead times.